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Final Water Bill Request Form

City Hall | 300 E 9 Mile | 248-546-2374 |

Requests are fulfilled by the Finance Department in the order they are received. Turnaround time varies based on the volume of requests, but can take up to 7 business days after the final read date.

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At this time, because City staff are serving you from remote locations in response to COVID-19, we are only able to deliver final bills via email.

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Attach Picture of Water Meter


Please attach an image of your meter dial. The meter must look like one of the three examples pictured above, and the numbers must be clearly readable. Make sure to open the protective cap, if there is one. The dials or digital display must be visible in your photo.

The water meter is inside your building. If you have a basement or a crawlspace, the meter is down there; look for it against a foundation wall, close to the floor, usually at the front of the building. If you do not have a basement or crawlspace, the meter is usually underneath a sink or in a utility closet.

Do not submit a picture of the natural gas meter or electric meter. These meters are usually located on the outside of the building.

Please only upload the following file types JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF for your image.

Attach an image of your meter dial

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