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300 E. 9 Mile Road



Application for Water/Sewer Service

City Hall | 300 E 9 Mile | 248-546-2374 |

Please note: you likely already have water/sewer service at your new property. The City of Ferndale does not turn off water during a normal property sale; water service remains running to the property. This form lets the City know who is purchasing or moving into a property.

In the uncommon event that the property has been vacant for a long time, it is possible the previous owner asked to have the water turned off. If you believe this may be the case, call the Department of Public Works (248-546-2514) and they can verify the current status for you.

Move-In Date:

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I - Property Owner Information

Information on the property owner or property management company.


Are you providing information for the property owner or a property management company?

Mailing address for property owner or manager (if different from the service address)

II -Tenant Information

If this property is a rental, this section must be completed by the property owner, property manager, or tenant.


Where would you like the bill to be sent?

Tenant Full Name

Would you like to receive billing statements by email?

By adding your signature below, the undersigned desires a supply of water to be furnished at the above service address and agree to pay in accordance with the Ordinances, policies, and rates, as codified, adopted, and/or published by the City of Ferndale. The undersigned will notify the City at least seven (7) days before a change in tenancy in order to receive a final bill for water/sewer services.

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