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City of Ferndale Parking

300 E. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale MI 48220

248-546-2525 Ext. 125

Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) 2016 Permit Application

RPZ Permit Applications:  To qualify for a RPZ permit, you must provide the following credentials:

  • Provide documentation for proof of residency within the appropriate RPZ Zone (current driver’s license, utility bill, phone bill, etc…)
  • Provide an updated vehicle registration – the vehicle being assigned a permit must be registered at the current address.
    • Only one permit per vehicle may be assigned
  • All outstanding parking citations must be paid prior to the issuance of a permit. 

*Please allow up to 48 hours to process applications.  

RPZ Permits

Each residence located within an assigned RPZ District is eligible to receive two (2) RPZ passes per household and up to (2) guest passes per household.  

Annual Permit Renewal:  RPZ permits may be issued at the beginning of each fall season.  Annual permits are good from September 1 – August 30 and must be renewed annually.  Permit holders may only use their RPZ permit for their designated RPZ Zone.

Residential Parking Zones

Applicant Name

Full Address

Upload Driver's License or Proof of Residency


Upload Vehicle Registration

Upload Vehicle Registration

Residential parking permits are issued to applicants in zones designated as RPZ or R-POP zones.  Applicants must provide a valid Michigan Driver?s License and Vehicle Registration to qualify.  Permits will not be issued if the applicant or property owner has any outstanding parking tickets, or has a delinquent status concerning property taxes or utility billing. RPZ sticker permits shall be affixed to the lower, left front windshield. (driver's side).RPZ guest placards shall be hung from the rear view mirror while in use;    It is unlawful, and a violation, to falsely represent him or herself as eligible for a RPZ permit or to furnish false information in an application to the City;   It is unlawful, and a violation, for a person holding a valid RPZ permit to use or display the RPZ permit on a vehicle other than for which the RPZ permit was issued (excluding guest passes);   RPZ/R-POP permits are only applicable in the zones designated on the pass;   It is unlawful for a person to copy, produce, and counterfeit or otherwise create a RPZ permit in order to evade parking regulations applicable in a designated RPZ permit area; .   If lost or stolen, the permit holder must complete an affidavit along with a $15 Replacement Fee per permit to obtain a replacement.VIOLATION FOR ANY OF THE REASONS OUTLINED ABOVE MAY RESULT IN FINES OR FORFEITURE OF PERMIT OR REVOCATION OF PERMIT,the applicant, understand that the City of Ferndale and its appointed authority are authorized to revoke parking permits it of any person(s) found to be in violation of the agreement and upon written notification,