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Residential Compost Pilot Signup

City Hall | 300 E 9 Mile | 248-546-2525 |

Thank you for your interest in participating in the City of Ferndale Compost Pilot Program. This program begins November 3rd, 2021, and will run for one year. The first 250 residents to sign up will receive a 5-gallon bucket with a lid, a sticker label displaying the list of acceptable compost material, and a guide listing program information. Please fill out the following information and survey to confirm your participation and qualify to receive your materials.

Participant Information

Full Name

Full Address (Please note that it is required for you to have an address located in the City of Ferndale)

Pre Program Survey Questions

1. What is the makeup of your household?

1a. Does your household include any children under the age of 18?

Map of 5 Residential Drop-off Locations

2. What is your preferred drop-off location? Note: this question is for planning purposes to estimate the level of participation at each site.

3. Do you currently compost on your own or through a composting service?

3a. If yes, how do you compost?

4. How much do you already know about food waste and composting before participating in the City's composting program?

5. Do you wish to receive the free 5-gallon container to transport your compost?

I agree to participate in this program with the understanding that I must complete a 6-month program survey in April and a post-program survey in the Fall of 2022.

I agree to treat the drop-off area with the utmost respect and cleanliness to ensure the program is successful. I agree to report any concerns at the drop-off area to SeeClickFix.

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