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Ferndale DDA

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Ferndale Social District Participant Agreement

The City of Ferndale has created a Social District in accordance with Public Act 124 of 2020. The measure is designed to support Ferndale's restaurant, bar, brewery, and distillery businesses as they work to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic, as well as increase patronization of downtown Ferndale this Spring and Summer. The program will be branded PATIO Zones: Pay and Take it Out. 😊

We need your help to make this program a success!! So please read this user agreement thoroughly and reach out to us at with any questions. 

How can my business participate? (follow these 4 steps in order to qualify)

  1. Check the online Ferndale Social Districts map to ensure that your business is included in the ‘Commons Areas’. Social District Map
  2. Read the Social Districts Management and Maintenance Plan (15-20 minute read) Ferndale Social District Management and Maintenance Plan
  3. Complete and submit this User Agreement to the Ferndale DDA.
  4. Once local User Agreement has been accepted (5 business days), complete and submit an application to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

User Agreement

Business Address

Contact Name

Please check the box the certify that you have read the Social Districts Management and Maintenance Plan (15-20 minute read).

Seriously, did you actually read it :)?

Please acknowledge that you will abide by rules for the Ferndale Social District including but not limited to:

Please check this box to acknowledge that the Ferndale City Council will be reviewing the community impact of this program and may make changes at that time if it is deemed to be causing excessive complaints or demands on community resources. The City of Ferndale can revoke the designation of a Social District at any time by giving notice during a public hearing and filing a request with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Further, the City of Ferndale can recommend that an individual business have their permit revoked for violations of the Management and Maintenance Plan.

By entering your name in the box below you hereby certify that all representations in this application were accurate, truthful and complete. You further accept that you will serve as the primary point of contact for this program, and if approved, you plan to seek a Social District Permit from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. 

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