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City Of Ferndale

300 East Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI, 48220, US



Location Proposal for Public Art

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has expanded the scope of the program to support all forms of exterior public art. The Downtown Public Art Program is a way to add character and personality to an urban environment, making it more interesting and unique. Art can celebrate history, express the values of a community, and just make spaces more inviting to hang out in! 

The art and locations are selected by an advisory committee in efforts to curate a diverse set of styles, artists and locations.  The selections presented to the DDA Board of Directors for final approval.

Please, complete this application for your property to be considered as a location for placement. Submissions must be located within the DDA Boundary, with preference given to the TIF District marked in red on the link.

  • It is strongly recommended that the Business Owner (if different from Property Owner) communicates with the property owner and receives approval to incorporate a public art installation on the proposed property. If selected, both the property owner and Business Owner are required to sign contact.
  • Government and non-profit organizations are also encouraged to submit proposed public art locations within the DDA Boundary.
  • Property Owners and or Business Owners will not be compensated for the installation of public art on their property.
  • Property Owners and or Business Owners who have submitted this application in previous years do not need to resubmit.  DDA staff will contact those who have previously submitted to gain their continued interest.

Some program details are included below, but we encourage interested artists and property owners to visit our program website for more details:

Downtown Public Art Manual

Deadline for Submissions: Midnight on July 22, 2024

Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this submission with us, please contact the DDA staff at 248-546-1632 or by email at


  • Location must be within the TIF District Boundary of the City of Ferndale DDA
  • Property Owner and/or Business Owner at location must agree to prepare area for installation.
  • Property Owner must agree to transfer license agreement to new Property Owner, in the event property ownership changes.
  • Property Owner and Business Owner are required to work with the Project Staff to ensure the installation and concept are executed as intended.
  • Property Owner must agree to complete a sign permit prior to installation. ($50 fee associated)


Factors to be considered by the Downtown Ferndale Public Art Program Advisory Committee when making selections for sites shall include, but not be limited to the following: 

  • VISIBILTY: Sites which are highly visible to the public will be given preference.
  • ACTIVATION OF UNDERUTILIZED PEDESTRIAN SPACES: Placemaking and space activation are key goals for the Ferndale DDA. Artwork that serves to encourage activity in pedestrian spaces will be given preference.
  • VARIETY OF SITE SELECTION: The advisory committee will strive to select locations across downtown, benefiting as many businesses as possible.
  • SAFETY: Locations that may benefit from activation to address safety or security concerns will be given preference. 


Property Owner Name

Do both the Property Owner & Business Owner (Tenant) acknowledge this submission:

Address of proposed Public Art Installation

Approximate Dimensions of Site

Please check ALL that apply:

If this proposed location is for an exterior wall? Please, let us know what the material the wall is constructed out of:

If this proposed location is for an exterior wall? Please, let us know what the condition of the wall is in currently:

Will the proposed location require any repair or preparation before artwork would be installed?

Has this site been submitted to this program previously?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this submission with us, please contact Sommer Realy at 248-546-1632 or by email at