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Department of Public Works

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Request for Water Meter Replacement

DPW | 521 E. Cambourne | 248-546-2525 ex. 610 |

Please completely fill out the below document to get an appointment schedule for your water meter replacement. You will be added to our wait list and you will be contacted once an appointment is available. The Department of Public Works or our installation contractor, UMS, will contact you to schedule the appointment for your water meter replacement. You will be asked to schedule a two-hour appointment window for meter replacement at no cost to you. Late fees are reimbursable by a credit on your water billing account if an appointment is made and kept by December 31, 2021.

Please note that you will be added to the waitlist and the installation of your water meter may occur after the deadline of December 31, 2021. 

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Please contact us at 248-546-2525 ex. 610 for questions regarding the water meter replacement process.